phd/early postdoc symposium on non-locality

October 2021


PhD students and early-career postdocs exchange ideas around the question of

“What fundamental problems in physics can non-locality solve, and what can we do to get there?”

This recurring symposium is of informal nature and focuses on interactive discussion and not on talks or presentations. The main ideas and directions of the discussion will be collected and combined into reports.

Please refer to the official program for more detailed information.


PhD students and early postdocs do a lot of the heavy lifting in research. Yet, at conferences, it can be difficult for us to enter fruitful discussions in front of a big audience, with the experts in the field present. This is what the symposium is all about:


The Zoom link will be circulated to all registered participants a few days prior to the symposium.


The PhD/Early Postdoc Symposium on Non-locality is a strategic long-term effort to foster communication and exchange of ideas between early-career scientists. Here we collect the programs and reports on previous meetings.

Third symposium

Second symposium

First symposium





We thank William & Mary for the kind provision of Zoom services, and the National Science Foundation for financial support under grant PHY-1819575.


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