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Regular course(s) at William & Mary that I have given as a postdoctoral research associate:

PHYS 581: differential geometry for physicists 2021 fall Sep 1 – Dec 24 course page

Student Meetings

During my PhD at the University of Alberta, I organized and offered these student meetings to cover interesting topics that are usually not contained in a physics graduate curriculum in great detail. Even though I typically prepare lecture notes for these voluntary meetings in a relaxed atmosphere, participants are encouraged to ask questions and to offer their own perspectives on the topics at hand.

differential geometry 2020 winter Jan 15 – Mar 9 course page
black holes 2019 fall Sep 25 – Dec 11 course page
conformal field theory 2019 winter Jan 16 – Apr 17 course page
gauge theory 2018 fall Sep 12 – Dec 5 course page
quantum field theory 2018 winter Jan 25 – Apr 26 course page