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My name is Jens, and I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, with Valeri P. Frolov and Don N. Page. I'm also a Vanier Scholar. My interests are the description of space and time; classically, in the framework of General Relativity and more general theories, as well as in the domain of quantum field theory in curved spacetime. I am particularly interested in methods from effective field theory and modern differential geometry, and how they can help us to understand quantum effects and new physics involving gravity.

Before, from 2015–2016, I was a PSI graduate student at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and worked on the symplectic structure of gauge theories with Lee Smolin and Laurent Freidel (old website here).

From 2012–2015, I was a master student in the gravitation & relativity group at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Cologne, Germany. I wrote my master's thesis under supervision of Prof. Friedrich W. Hehl and Prof. Claus Kiefer on the quasi-normal modes of the BTZ black hole. You can find my old website here.

In my spare time I like to collect Nixie tubes, check out my collection and a recent article I wrote on the history of the Nixie tube.

In case you are wondering, this page is intended as a reference both for myself to allow me to organize my research more efficiently as well as to create an overview for my supervisors and any other people interested in what I am doing. If you do not fall into one of these categories please feel free to ignore this website.